We’re Baking a Lawn!

rsz_wheat_seedsEvery week we get a ton of organic flour delivered through the bakery doors.   As we bake we see the pallet load dwindle down to the last sacks and then the reassuring arrival of a new pallet order slides into the empty space.  Recently, we were told by our Millers that supplies of organic spelt were severely hit by the recent environmental conditions and that we would only be able to get a portion of our standard order.  It then hit home just how vulnerable flour, one of the staple ingredients in the Western diet might become in the future.  It’s easy to take food production for granted.  The Real Bread campaign has for a number of years run an educational project aiming to encourage people to understand where there bread comes from, and it’s journey from seed to table.  “Bake your Lawn” is a challenge to grow a loaf!  Groups and individuals are being encouraged to transform a handful of organic seed into a harvest of wheat.  This participatory project follows the wheat seeds journey from home soil to local mill, into bakers hands and onto the kitchen table.rsz_sowing_a_wheat_seed_at_stirley_farm (1)

Higg, one of the HMB directors is coordinating our participation in this years event.  We are excited to be partnering with a number of local organisations. Stirley Farm, Spring Grove Junior and Infant school and Grow to... are all local organisations that are hoping to create successful crops that we can help turn into great Artisan bread here at the bakery.

We’ll be following their progress on this blog as things start to develop.

If you would like to find out more here’s a link to the Bake your Lawn handbook.


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