Hello All and hello Spring! Spring is here and at The Handmade Bakery we are starting to look forward to summer. It’s now starting to get light in the morning, something which the early rising bakers and café teams are enjoying.

This is the first blog I have done for The Handmade Bakery so I thought id introduce myself briefly – I’m Aaron, the newest baker, and part of my responsibility at The Handmade Bakery is to look after the social media side of things. So who am I? Well I’m an amateur artisan baker who has been lucky to find the perfect career. All of the bakers at The Handmade Bakery had started their working lives on a different path. I used to be mechanic in a family firm. I started baking bread at home I realised just how much I loved it, so I thought ‘why not give it a go full time?’ And now here I am living the dream. It shows that you can do whatever you want to in life if you just give it a try.

We have been busy, busy, busy lately but not as busy as one of our bakers who have had their own bun in the oven – Congratulations Higg & Suzie on the birth of your beautiful little girl!

We were privileged to be involved in the Made Beautifully Here event hosted by McNair shirts on 9th April. There was such a great selection of well thought out producers. The common theme being that they all produce goods in the UK and take true pride in their craft – something we can relate to here.

Have you seen the new meals on our menu board? What do you think?

Have you tried our new delicious pastries? They are topped with crème patisserie and rhubarb (grown in our vegetable garden).

We are always thinking of new breads, cakes and meals which we can serve to you guys. We pride ourselves on using as much organic and “traceable” produce as we can and we love being able to cater for everybody’s food needs – which means that everyone can come on down and enjoy a delicious treat.

Our walls are always adorned with art work from artists. We are currently showing work by Jill Hayfield who is a Felt Artisan. She sells her work all over the world and exhibits around the UK. If you are an artist please pop in to have a chat with us or use the contact page on our website.

We look forward to feeding you soon!


  1. Sue Wood says:

    Lovely to read your feature on the blog, Aaron ! Excellent website x

  2. Lisa Aveyard says:

    Discovered The Handmade Bakery only yesterday, while taking a lovely, stroll along the canal, from Marden to Slaithwaite, enjoying the natural beauty. An absolute joy. Beautiful bread, delicious food and all sorts of other delights! I will be visiting again very soon.

  3. Wow love your philosophy for starting out! fresh bread making all the way!

  4. Mark Rushton says:

    Stopped by yesterday. Lovely cinnamon bun. i was on a bike otherwise I might have spent ££. is there a section we can see what the special breads are that are on rotation?

    • Hello Mark,

      I will have a look into what we can put on the website so you can see what breads should be on rotation and when, Thanks, Aaron

  5. Excellent read. I am visiting from New Zealand and look forward to popping in.

  6. Pippa Ashworth says:

    Do you make a gluten free loaf ?

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