Is this our best kept secret?

rsz_1checking_overIt may well be if you’ve never visited The Handmade Bakery on a Saturday morning before. Ever since we opened our bakery doors four years ago we have made what we think is the best baguette you’ll find for many a mile. It’s made with a traditional, artisan process and has a beautiful, crusty exterior with a fabulous holey crumb. The 4kg batch size makes them a strictly limited edition, with only a small number made each week. The HMB baguette is a labour of love from start to finish. It begins its life the day before, just like all of our slowly fermented breads. We make a flour and water mix that contains the smallest amount of yeast, a pre ferment known as a poolish . This develops flavour overnight and is ready the next morning to be incorporated into the final baguette dough. Our bakers then scale and hand shape them where they are individually couched in cloth to prove, before being  slashed, steamed and peeled onto a very hot oven bottom. In around fifteen minutes they emerge crisp and golden brown. We have several loyal customers who pre order these scarce items, with at least one giving special instructions for the degree of sharpness to each end… always happy to oblige, take a bow, Ralph!

steve lining up baguettes

 Steve sorting the line up

slashing baguettes

The perfect slash


Quick in to the oven

steve with baguettes

Which one has Ralph’s name on it?

With the 100 day countdown to The Grand Depart  almost upon us, expect to see our proud product taking on a more prominent role on the café menu very soon.

Watch this space…


  1. Ralph Seddon says:

    Thanks for the mention in the blog, unaware as I was of your honorary membership of the Zulu tribes, your baked homage to the Ashanti does the bakery proud and thanks for my 15 letters of fame (apologies to Woodie Allen for the abuse of his quote), and many thanks for the bespoke baguettes {The taste is enhanced and the carry bags last so much longer!
    Regards Ralph

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