Handmade Bakery Real Bread

real bread

flour, water, salt, yeast. And bundles of flavour!

That’s it. Apart from some walnuts of course, or some pumpkin seeds, honey and oats, juicy cherries and fennel seeds… But absolutely no additives or improvers!

our bread is slow bread

We ferment all our bread dough overnight and some of our breads are made with natural leaven, sourdough starters, one of which originates from 1970’s Russia and is affectionately called the Grandmother! Long fermentation helps break down potentially harmful gliadin proteins, develops beneficial acids and bacteria that make bread more easily digestible. It can lower bread’s glycaemic index and therefore benefit diabetics and people watching their weight. Long fermentation time also helps retain vitamins and keep the bread fresh for longer.

organic, local and stoneground ingredients

We use organic, local and stoneground ingredients whenever possible. Organic flour is not only good for the environment, but it also contains more nutrients and minerals such as zinc and magnesium. Stone grinding ensures none of the nutritious germ is wasted.

being local

Reducing food miles and strengthening the local economy and community is important to us. We are hoping to build strong links with other businesses as well as use local ingredients. When made with care, bread is not the unhealthy carbohydrate dieticians want to ban, but an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet.