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Wild WhiteMalted & Seeded GranarySleepless WhiteSeeded Spelt

Instead of bakers yeast, this loaf is raised using a natural wheat leaven. A slow classic taking a full 24 hours to develop until it emerges from the oven. It has a delicious, golden blistered crust and wonderfully open crumb.

An English favourite full of malted grains and seeds. Made with the traditional English ‘sponge and dough’ method this improves the bread’s flavour, texture, keeping qualities and digestibility. A Slaithwaite bestseller!

Thus called because it does all its work fermenting overnight while the bakers sleep! Fragrant, and with a soft, well aerated crumb this is perfect for English sandwiches and for toasting, spread thickly with butter and marmalade.

For those that like the delicate taste of old fashioned wheat we give this loaf additional bite with sunflower and sesame seeds.

Stone Miller's CobSisu 100% RyeSemolina Bread with Raisins & Fennel SeedsNew York Rye with Caraway and Molasses

A hearty wholemeal loaf with a crumbly texture.

Sourdough - no bakers yeast. 'Sisu' has no direct translation in English but sums up perfectly what rye-loving Finns and this loaf are all about: guts, determination, perseverance and courage! This loaf is risen with a natural rye leaven which allegedly originates in 1970's Russia. We affectionately call it 'the Grandmother.'

Semolina pudding belongs to that category of childhood memory that still evokes a sense of comfort eaten as an adult. In Italy, semolina is commonly used in bread. Here, studded with organic raisins and contrasted with fragrant fennel seeds, every mouthful of this bread is a delight.

The melting pot of New York saw many Eastern European breads achieving mythical status - the bagel for instance. Another Goliath is the New York Rye often associated with pastrami and pickles. Our take on this adds fragrant caraway seeds and intense molasses to create a bread that really packs a punch.

Organic wheat flour, organic rye flour, organic molasses, caraway seeds, water, salt, yeast
Organic wheat flour, organic semolina flour, organic raisins, fennel seeds, water, salt, yeast
Organic rye flour, water, malt extract, molasses, caraway seeds, salt, rye leaven
Organic wholemeal wheat, organic white wheat, water, salt, yeast, malt extract
Organic white and wholemeal spelt wheat, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, salt, yeast, malt extract
Organic wheat flour, water, salt, yeast
Organic wheat flour, organic malted barley flour, organic malted wheat and rye grains, organic sunflower, sesame, linseed and pumpkin seeds, organic barley malt extract, organic rye leaven, water, salt and yeast
Organic wheat flour, wheat leaven, salt and water