Handmade Bakery

we make real bread
traditional skills, small scale

modern thinking, traditional ways

The Handmade Bakery (HMB) is a not for profit community supported artisan bakery in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire. We are a workers co-operative, owned and run by our members. It consists of a flourishing bakery producing 2000 loaves of real bread and patisserie each week, and a vibrant contemporary café space. Established in 2009, we are proud to be at the heart of our local community. The Handmade Bakery pioneered the idea of the Community Supported Bakery. The support of local people committing to a regular HMB loaf on subscription was integral to the establishment of our business. When we first moved to our current premises we had the generous support of local people which enabled the bakery to move to our current canal side position. As part of this innovative business model we paid back our lenders their interest in bread, we have now paid all of these bread bonds back. These Bread Bond holders were the first of their kind in the UK.

a place to meet

The Handmade Bakery is a place where people can come to relax and gather with friends or family within a welcoming café space. Every day, our baker members are busy at work in the early hours, attending to the artisan processes and methods so important to the quality of our bread. Visitors to the café can watch the dough being scaled, hand shaped and baked on the sole of the oven. The tempting aromas travel down the canal side each morning.

enjoy the experience

Being central to the activities means making bread becomes quite a spectacle at times. Our bakers are always happy to answer any questions about the methods that we use and flour products and other baking equipment can be purchased as well. Passing on what we know has always been important to us and we regularly run courses in artisan bread and patisserie making to share our skills, knowledge and passion for food and baking.